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A Cake Makes Every Event Extraordinary

Updated: Mar 5, 2018

When I first started making and designing cakes, fourteen years ago, I never thought that I could make a "cake" in the shape of a car, ball, tiger, monkey, gift box, designer shoe, purse, etc. But I soon realized that I could make a cake look---however I wanted. I was only limited by my imagination. Clients would be amazed---when they saw my creations. It was fulfilling and exciting! People's reactions to my hand made creations made me want to push myself each and every time I received an order.

This cake was commissioned for Reverend Tommy G. Hamms (New Zion Missionary Baptist Church of Winnfield, LA.) for his 50th Birthday Celebration. He was overjoyed and grateful (see above picture).

Thanks to all the new cake shows, blogs, and YouTube videos:

People are now realizing that a cake can be more than just a simple sheet cake with a few bitter tasting buttercream roses and unimpressive piping/writing. Bakers today pride themselves with baking unique flavor combinations. For ex: fresh lemon curd, key lime pie, salted caramel, chai, apple spice, mixed berry compote, etc. paired with decadent hazelnut, rich chocolate, or buttery pound cake, etc. with chocolate ganache, Italian meringue or Swiss meringue buttercream covered in smooth, glossy fondant. Not your typical store bought cake(s) anymore!

That being said, shouldn't potential clients understand that they should expect to pay more for such a unique and edible work of art?

I recalled a lady who called on a Wednesday for a Saturday Delivery! She requested a quote for a Dodge Viper/3D hand carved cake, for her husband's 50th birthday. She stated that he was getting a Viper, as a gift, and she wanted an impressive cake.

So that left me only 3 days to design, build a support structure, bake, stack, fill, carve (in precise detail) the bumpers, doors, windows, lights, fenders, etc. that would make this a recognizable Viper. More than 30 hours of labor for a minimal fee of $600. I am so glad I didn't get the order!

Looking back, this cake was severely under priced.

Would you spend 30 or more hours of your time (over 3 days) only to receive $600?

Let me give you a more concise picture. Subtract $200 to purchase all the ingredients (fondant, gumpaste, silver dusts, eggs, butter, flour, etc.; wood and other support structures, etc.) Time to build/construct the support structure, bake, cool, fill, stack, carve a precise reproduction of the Viper. Cover in fondant and add exterior details, etc. So now you are paying yourself only $400 which for 30 or more hours of work comes out to about $13/hr.

Would you work for $13/hr.?

FYI: a cake such as this would cost a minimum of $1400, now!

I am hopeful that with the help of Food Network and the Cooking Channel, potential customers will see how long it takes to create these edible masterpieces. This amount of time and skill commands a premium price.!!!! Again, These are not your typical store bought cakes!!


I enjoy watching all the cake artist showcasing the talents, ideas, skill, flavors, and new techniques on Food Network and The Cooking Channel. If you haven't tuned in, make plans to watch the next episode of Cake Wars, Cake Hunters, Cupcake Wars, Vegas Cakes, Ridiculous Cakes, and Extreme Cake Makers.

I realize that my art and creativity is one-of-a kind and not for everyone.

Not all of us can afford a priceless work of art or a 100K dollar Mercedes.

As I continue to build my brand and create memorable edible masterpieces, let me ask you this: Don't you want your guests to ask?


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